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By Joshua M. Epstein

During this pioneering synthesis, Joshua Epstein introduces a brand new theoretical entity: Agent_Zero. This software program person, or "agent," is endowed with specific emotional/affective, cognitive/deliberative, and social modules. Grounded in modern neuroscience, those inner parts engage to generate saw, usually far-from-rational, person habit. while a number of brokers of this new style flow and engage spatially, they jointly generate an wonderful diversity of dynamics spanning the fields of social clash, psychology, public overall healthiness, legislation, community technological know-how, and economics.

Epstein weaves a computational tapestry with threads from Plato, Hume, Darwin, Pavlov, Smith, Tolstoy, Marx, James, and Dostoevsky, between others. This transformative synthesis of social philosophy, cognitive neuroscience, and agent-based modeling will fascinate students and scholars of each stripe. Epstein’s desktop courses are supplied within the ebook or on its Princeton collage Press site, in addition to videos of his "computational parables."

Agent_Zero is a sign departure in what it comprises (e.g., a brand new synthesis of neurally grounded inner modules), what it eschews (e.g., average behavioral imitation), the phenomena it generates (from genocide to monetary panic), and the modeling arsenal it deals the medical community.

For generative social technology, Agent_Zero provides a groundbreaking imaginative and prescient and the instruments to achieve it.

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